Success Story: Sporttrader & Sooqr

‘We've  been using Sooqr for a while, with great results’
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Fitwinkel is the specialist in fitness and martial arts equipment, sports nutrition, clothing and fitness accessories. They work everyday with a clear goal in mind: achieving a fitter, more vital and healthier lifestyle for both consumers and companies. As a dealer of more than 100 major fitness brands, they match the suitable products with the corresponding nutritive and fitness-related services. They do this on their webshop, as well as at 6 physical franchises spread throughout the Netherlands. Fitwinkel is owned by Sporttrader.

‘We’ve  been using Sooqr for a while, with great results. But with the optimisation service, we brought search conversions to another level. And now we’ll keep the process going also for our Belgian webshop.’ – Twan van Essen, E-commerce & Franchise Manager.

I would really recommend Sooqr to all e-commerce owners. And with additional optimization the results are incredible

Picture of Twan van Essen
Twan van Essen

Why Sooqr?

‘We had great results with Sooqr,  but with the opimization sessions we had a greater margin of improvement. Our visitors can now find more relevant products for each search query, and of course this was noticeable in the revenue we made. Promotion rules and synonyms allowed us to offer customers a better journey. We were able to provide answers to their questions, redirect them to a relevant page or provide an alternative to articles they were looking for.

But more importantly, the education from Sooqr had a long-lasting effects: now we can use Sooqr more effectively, and independently. We are optimizing twice a week to get the most out of the search function. And when a question arises, Sooqr’s support is always there to help!’

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