Success Story: Speelgoed De Betuwe & Sooqr

‘Our eCommerce conversion to purchase went 300%+ up!’
Afbeelding voor Success Story: Speelgoed De Betuwe & Sooqr

‘With Sooqr, our eCommerce conversion to purchase went up more than 300%. All the additional features we now have really made the difference’ says Herman Dammers, owner. Speelgoed de Betuwe specialises in toys and furniture for playgrounds and recreation grounds. Along with their physical store in Opheusden, they have an established e-shop with a rich catalogue that benefits from the extensive network they have with renowned suppliers of toy brands. ‘Like every business owner I wanted to boost our online presence. We were made aware of Sooqr through one of their partners, and I couldn’t be happier to have adopted it. We can now make sense of what was not working with our Site search. Sooqr’s support is always present, and is really committed to help us optimize even further.’

‘With Sooqr our eCommerce conversion to purchase went 300%+ up’

Picture of Herman Dammers, owner at Speelgoed De Betuwe
Herman Dammers, owner at Speelgoed De Betuwe

Why Sooqr?

‘We have customers of different nationalities and age, so the first thing was to ensure that the different wording that our customers use could really give the results they wanted. With synonyms and tagging we quickly fixed it. Also, what I like about Sooqr is the extended filters they offer by default. Within our built-in site search features we couldn’t really account for all the filtering possibilities that our huge catalogue requires. Now our shopping journey is more consistent with visitors’ expectations. Compared to our default site search, Sooqr is also super fast and mobile-friendly. I would say the results have shown immediately, just after a few weeks after the adoption. Overall, I score Sooqr a 8-9 out of 10. The whole experience with them has been great, and the option to have support in Dutch is a big plus to me!

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