Success Story: Zwembaden-webshop & Sooqr

‘We liked Sooqr from the start!’
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‘Our eCommerce conversion rate with Sooqr search increased more than tenfold. Sooqr support is always there and they are fast in their response!’  says Bastin Van Oers, eCommerce director. is an e-shop that specialises in swimming pools and all the products needed for their maintenance. They primarily sell to individual end- users interested in adding a swimming pool to their garden. Moreover, they sell to businesses with similar interest. The company is headquartered in Zevenbergen, the Netherlands. The showroom and show garden offers 1365m2 swimming pool inspiration.’

Now that we know and work with Sooqr, we have no intention on switching to a different platform and are currently spending time to increase our search optimization through Sooqr.

Picture of Bastin van Oers
Bastin van Oers

Why Sooqr?

Before implementing Sooqr we had a ton of irrelevant search results, with no results from many queries. Now we can make sense of most of them and show the most relevant ones to our visitors, no matter how they search for a product. Also, our visitors often couldn’t find the right item after searching for it because the descriptions in our catalogue were not of the appropriate length. That completely changed as we started applying ranking rules on the products that we know our customers want. Placing banners is a fantastic source of consistency! They make it easier to align our content with our paid marketing campaigns, and this really shows in our conversion rate. Overall, the results really speak for themselves. We are now motivated to dedicate even more time to our Site search, as we want to optimize in the low season to receive better results in the high season!’

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