Welcome to the world of Sooqr.

It's a seeker, but with double 'o': [so͝o′kər]

A brief history

Sooqr was founded in 2011 as part of a webcompany in Hilversum, the heart of all major media in the Netherlands. We always had the same problem: we just couldn't find what we were looking for on websites. Also, one of our clients had the same problem in his web shop. That’s why we started thinking about site search, and we found out that about 95% of the site searches offered are not what you would expect, to say the least. So there was our new mission: making site search awesome! And that's just what we did. Over the past few years we've been working on the interface, customization and a lot of smart things on the background with two main goals: stay fast and stay relevant in everything we do. 

Sooqr's interface is the most amazing interface in the business. And we decided we wanted to keep it that way. So we're expanding our services all the time. In 2015 Sooqr grew from a product to a company, with it's own team, office and clients so we could focus on what we are best at: making site search awesome.

Work with us?

We are always looking for smart people that can help us make Sooqr Search better and help us grow! At this moment we're looking for some awesome new Sooqrtroopers!

Have something to add to Sooqr? Become our BPF!

Have something to add to Sooqr? Become our BPF!

'Best Partner Forever' that is, but of course you knew that already. Sooqr Search loves to work with the best ecommerce and website agencies in the world as well as the best technology firms. Whenever you think Sooqr could give your clients that little extra, or we culd complement each other, dom't hesitate to contact us. We will be here to help you get Sooqr Search up and running for your clients quickly.