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Pay it forward – Free use of SOOQR for new customers and removal of search limits for existing customers until 28.04

10 August 2021

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, or Covid-19, our business ‘as usual’ is nowhere to be seen. The whole world as we know it has come to a standstill. Countries are in lockdown, people are stuck at home. At Sooqr Search we empathise with businesses struggling to make ends meet, due to the outbreak and the necessary measures taken by several governments. That’s why our services will be free of charge for any new customer who wishes to use Sooqr during the current lockdown period, to help keep their business afloat. 

Albert Mombarg, CEO of Sooqr Search, explains: ‘At Sooqr, we take our responsibility as an employer very seriously. As of Monday, March 16, all of our Troopers are working from home. Also, we’ve taken appropriate measures to ensure our support teams can offer fantastic support as usual. I’m very pleased to see that so many other companies have also taken appropriate measures. However, I also see lots of companies are severely affected by several lockdown measures. They are experiencing revenue loss, or have even had to close their business in its entirety. As an entrepreneur, I empathise with these businesses and that’s why I want to help!

Lots of retailers are currently reverting to online sales to generate income, now their physical businesses have had to close. This is where Sooqr can help out with the one thing we do best: provide conversion through optimal onsite search. 

Our services will be free of charge for any new customer who wishes to use Sooqr during the current lockdown period. We normally only give a 30-day free trial. Now we’re offering you to start using our services immediately and you will get an additional month for free once the lockdown is over. I’m truly committed to helping, so this is not simply a Corona discount. If you do not wish to continue using Sooqr once things settle down, no problem at all. I just hope that we were helpful during this tough period.

We haven’t forgotten about our existing customers. Because of the increase of eCommerce traffic and therefore the growing number of searches during this time, we’ve also decided to remove all search limits within all subscriptions until July 1st. 

For more information, comments and/or questions, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon. Stay safe, keep healthy & calm and flatten the curve by staying in if you don’t have to leave the house. #payitforward #flattenthecurve 

As these times are uncertain for all of us, the offer for new customers stands until 28.04.

Thanks for reading!

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