Sooqr Conversion Suite:
tailor Sooqr to your audience.

Sooqr comes standard with an extensive backend we call the 'Sooqr Conversion Suite'. It gives you the opportunity to customize your search and navigation and tailer it to your visitors and your inventory. That's what makes Sooqr so awesome and powerful.

How to make results match your audience.

Every audience has its own expectations, especially when looking products matching their criteria. In fashion people tend to look for color and size, not mainly for pirce. In computerhardware it may be price and articlenumber when your products are sold all over the web. 

Pick the right filters, offer the right searches, it's really up to you. Or.. actually to your visitors. Learn by keeping up with your metrics in My Sooqr or lessons learned from Google Analytics or any other metrics suite.

How to make results match your business.

You sell the best products at the best price for the greatest audience. But you also have to think of your margins and profit. Of course we know that. We don't use standard ranking profiles, but you can customize your ranking rules so it fits your web shop or website. That's how in the end you decide what's important. 

With our ranking rules you tell Sooqr what is important to you. Rank your articles or categories the way you want it. Certain brands or articles can be more important to you then others depending on season or deals you make. So use the tools Sooqr offers to boost the sales of products that really matter to you.

Keep track with your metrics

The Sooqr Conversion Suite offers the metrics you need, especially those that can't be found within any other regular analytics suite: the no-hits. 'No-hits' are queries that lead to no results within your data. Bummer! Add these words to your index as tags, or add synoyms. Everything can and will be found with Sooqr. 

Keep up to date with trends, so you know what to offer in what period. 

It's easy to add Sooqr to your Google Analytics or any other metrics software you use. Then you will be able to get even more interesting information about your search data and your visitor's behaviour. E.g. have a look at the queries that bring you the most conversion. Or find out what area uses which queries. Wow!