Sooqr, the fastest and most relevant
site search engine for your website.

What if... your products and content could be found even faster on your website? What would that do to your conversion? And for your engagement? We know the answer: a lot! 
Sooqr is the site search engine for you site, or... as we like to call it: site search on steroids.

<strong>Site search engine for ecommerce</strong><br />Sooqr gets you more sales and higher conversion

Site search engine for ecommerce
Sooqr gets you more sales and higher conversion

Yes, you tried everything to boost your shop's conversion rate. Maybe you analyzed the sales funnels or did A/B-tests for colourschemes and changed your shop accordingly. That’s a great start!

But can your visitors really find the products they are looking for in your shop? Studies show that a solution offering relevant search results instantly improves conversion. Did you know searchers buy up to five times more? That’s where Sooqr Commerce Search makes the difference.

Sooqr for MagentoUsing Magento? Get Sooqr for Magento, our extension to plug Sooqr Search in to your Magento web shop.

<strong>Site search engine for publishers</strong><br />Sooqr engages your visitors by finding what they’re looking for

Site search engine for publishers
Sooqr engages your visitors by finding what they’re looking for

You manage a large website with a huge amount of content and a large and "hungry" audience. You spent a lot of time and money on the best sitemap, so your visitors should be able to find everything they need. But now it seems they get lost anyway and so does the conversion rate of the website: not good.

Sooqr’s fast and relevant results helps your visitors find their way, regardless of the number of articles.
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What is Sooqr all about you ask?

What is Sooqr all about you ask?

We made you a nice little animation that explains Sooqr in only 85 seconds. Just press start, lean back and enjoy. Sooqr is fast, relevant and a great engagement-tool.


The <strong>Sooqr Conversion Suite</strong>:<br />Getting the most out of Sooqr

The Sooqr Conversion Suite:
Getting the most out of Sooqr

With Sooqr you're in control. You decide what's important and how it looks best. Check out how Sooqr can work for you with our Sooqr Conversion Suite: all the tools for maximizing your results.

World famous Sooqr Support

World famous Sooqr Support

Our support team makes sure it works and keeps on working. Whenever you have a question: just ask. We feed them great coffee, so they just keep on going. Besides, they're friendly too.