Sooqr, the awesome
site search engine for your website.

What if... your content and products could be quickly found on your website? What would that do to your conversion? And for your engagement? We know the answer: a lot! 
Sooqr is the site search engine for you site, or... as we like to call it: site search on steroids.

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World famous Sooqr Support

World famous Sooqr Support

Our support team makes sure it works and keeps on working. Whenever you have a question: just ask. We feed them great coffee, so they just keep on going. Besides, they're friendly too.

The <strong>Sooqr Conversion Suite</strong>:<br />Getting the most out of Sooqr

The Sooqr Conversion Suite:
Getting the most out of Sooqr

With Sooqr you're in control. You decide what's important and how it looks best. Check out how Sooqr can work for you with our Sooqr Conversion Suite: all the tools for maximizing your results.

The 'why' of Marketingfacts

The 'why' of Marketingfacts

"With over tens of thousands of blogs the largest part of your visitors is undoubtedly looking for a topic which is not included in your main navigation. That's why an awesome user-friendly osite search engine is absolutely non-optional, and that's where Sooqr comes in."

Danny Oosterveer - MarketingFacts

What is Sooqr all about you ask?

What is Sooqr all about you ask?

We made you a nice little animation that explains Sooqr in only 85 seconds. Just press start, lean back and enjoy. But remember: it’s not just instant site search, it’s also about navigation and cross- & upselling. Fast, relevant and a great engagement-tool.